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Help the Wunderlich family

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Dear International Home Education Leaders,
Please see the following message regarding ways to assist the Wunderlich family in Germany:

Dear friends of educational freedom:

The story of the Wunderlich family has moved many of us, and we are in contact with the family. We’ve been thinking of ways how to help, and Mr. Wunderlich told us that he agrees with the advice of the HSLDA.  See their article.

We encourage you to take action and to write lots of e-mails to the German authorities listed on the website of HSLDA (see contact information here).  Please also visit and help to make known the new created website for the  family: 

Furthermore Dirk Wunderlich is asking for your support on Thursday, September 19th: At 13.30 pm there will be a court hearing in Darmstadt. On «Mathildenplatz» you’ll find a park next to the Court house which is ideal for a gathering with as many European Homeschoolers as possible. Please let us know in a short e-mail if there would be any persons who are willing to travel to Darmstadt on that date, so we can ask the authorities for permission. It’s not clear yet if the trial is open to the public or not.

We ask you to spread this message to as many persons and organisations as possible, and as well through the social media.

If you would like to contact the Wunderlich family, here is the father’s address:

Kind regards

Willi Villiger
Bildung zu Hause Schweiz 

Jörg Grosselümern
Netzwerk Bildungsfreiheit Deutschland

Thank you for your support for home educating families and willingness to help the Wunderlich family!

Very truly yours,

Michael P. Donnelly, Esq.
Director of International Affairs


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